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We were previously trading as Russel McLean Dental until August 2020. Our name has changed but rest assured, our focus remains the same: We enjoy working in a relaxed and friendly clinical setting and take pride in empowering patients to achieve a healthier mouth and restoring oral functions. 


  • General family dentistry 
  • Amalgam replacements and detoxification process
  • Biofilm assessment and improvement
  • ACC dental treatment cover
  • MOH free dental treatment for 13-18 year old (excluding orthodontic treatment)
  • Nitrous Oxide sedation facilities available
  • Dentures
  • Bleaching and Whitening 
  • Temporomandibular joint pain treatment 


Monday - Friday:  9am-5pm

Saturdays: 9am-12:30pm (fortnight) 

If you require after hours emergency treatment, please call 03 4777230. 


About Us:

Dr David Chew, BDS (First Class Hons) Otago

David graduated from the University of Otago in 2016 and has been practicing private dentistry since. He has previously worked in Auckland and South Dunedin before settling down in Green Island with Dr Russel Mclean.

David is a strong advocate in helping people enhance their quality of life through oral health prevention and education, this is reflected in his work philosophy where he focuses on minimally invasive procedures based on evidence-based practice. He strives for clinical excellence in providing his patients the highest quality of care. He continually attends professional conferences and specialised course within and outside of NZ to stay abreast of new development.

David enjoys all aspects of dentistry with special interests in oral surgery. He prefers a more holistic aspect of healing and love incorporating this concept in his daily practice.   

Outside of dentistry, David enjoys spending time exploring different hiking trails. He is also an avid angler and takes every opportunity to fish the gorgeous Otago waters


Dr Regine Phua, BDS Otago 

Regine is highly popular with patients of all ages due to her caring and calm nature. She has a relaxed manner and often creates a welcoming environment in and out of the surgery. This brings a relaxed and flexible approach to her work.

Regine loves interacting with her patients to know them more personally and prides herself in effective communication to ensure her patients understands their dental treatments. She understands dental appointments can be nerve-wrecking at times, so she takes her time to make every dental visit as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Regine is proficient in all facets of dentistry with specialty in the field of dental cosmetics. Her beautiful composite works constantly amazes both colleague and patients alike.

Away from the clinic, Regine enjoys attending Barr-Base classes. She is a talented musician who knows guitar, drums, piano and violins. She is also highly trained as a ballerina! 


Kate Gough, NZDA Certified Dental Assistant

Kate grew up in Brighton and Green Island, formerly working at The Post where she was hailed as the best barista! She has been working at the clinic since 2017 and has picked up dental assisting like she has done it for ten. Kate regularly attends continuing education to keep the team updated with the latest developments in infection control protocols and has recently graduated with Certificate in Dental Assisting.

When not in the surgery, Kate has two young children who are both the bane and love of her life. She enjoys getting up ridiculously early to exercise, and eating whole blocks of chocolate.


Samantha Semple, Practice Manager 

Sam is our lovely receptionist. From the moment you walk in, you can expect Sam to give you an ear-to-ear smile. She treats everyone with respect and is particularly good in making patients feel at home.  Sam is extremely helpful and is always ready to help you with any questions and financial options. 

During her free time, Sam enjoys spending time with her two children and a dog! 



Amber Haines, NZDA Certified Dental Assistant

Amber is the latest addition to our ever-growing family! She started as a dental assistant in Staff Surgery of the Dental Faculty since 2017 and has expanded to private dentistry since. Being an integral part of the team, Amber takes pride in reinforcing the workflow of the clinic. Nothing phases Amber as she ticks off her tasks with ease and a cheerful smile. 




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