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Russel McLean Dentistry

At the Green Island Wellness Centre, we enjoy working in a relaxed informal setting and take particular delight in assisting and empowering patients to achieve a healthy mouth.


  • General and Family Dentistry
  • Amalgam Replacement (see below for more information)
  • Assisting people to change diseased mouths into healthy ones by improving their Biofilm (bacteria)
  • ACC work with no extra surcharge
  • MOH free dental treatment for 13-17 year olds (excluding orthodontic treatment)
  • Removable appliances for orthodontics
  • Bleaching trays


Monday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday: 9am-5pm

Wednesday: 9am-5pm (Russel away)

Thursday: 9am-5pm

Friday: 9am-5pm (Ruth away)

If you require emergency treatment over the weekend or public holidays, please call 03 4777230

About Us:

Russel McLean BDS (Otago) FACNEM

Dunedin born and raised, Russel worked in the North Island, Australia, England and Ireland before returning to set-up in Green Island, Dunedin. Russel practices holistic dentistry having placed his last amalgam in 1984. Apart from conventional dentistry Russel’s interests lie in amalgam and its effects on the mouth and body, biofilm (the collection of bacteria in the mouth) and improving it, and correcting the swallowing and breathing habits which cause malocclusion in children without the use of fixed braces. Russel enjoys motorbikes (riding and restoring), winning the ODT daily quiz, and eating lots of hummus.

Ruth Sun BDS (Otago)


Linda Howard

Linda has worked with Russel for 10 years, and has a Bachelors in Oral Health and training in Dental Technology (so really she knows better than Russel sometimes). She lives off the grid in Waikouaiti with her partner, very naughty dog, sheep and chickens. Linda enjoys watching bad movies, partying and accusing Russel of losing things.

Kate Hollick

Kate grew up in Brighton and Green Island, formerly working at The Post (where she was the best barista there!). She has been working at the clinic for a year and a half, but has picked up dental assisting like she has done it for ten. Kate has two young children who are both the bane and love of her life, and enjoys dirty jokes, getting up ridiculously early to exercise, and eating whole blocks of chocolate.

Tracey Lodge


Sam Semple



Holistic and General Practice Dentistry

"I graduated in Dentistry from Otago University in 1972 and have practiced enjoyably since then.

Despite having a gut feeling that mercury, (in the form of amalgam fillings), was not safe to put into people’s mouths, I placed such fillings until 1984 when I ceased that kind of practice.

Subsequent to 1984, a few patients had persuaded me to remove all of their amalgam fillings to improve their health. One case in particular, I agreed to undertake the procedure, but advised them I believed it would not improve their health. I was quite wrong. They recovered their gut health. This experience prompted me to take the next steps in actively, safely, removing amalgam fillings for health reasons in patients that desired it. I have been doing this, (removing amalgam), now for about 26 years and have never regretted it." - Russel McLean

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