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The clinic’s motto is “Improving quality of life with affordable dentures”

John Choi of A1 Smile clinic is an experienced clinician who is caring and has provided a quality service to patients for over 8 years.
John specializes in making full dentures, partial dentures and other dental appliances like mouth guards. Including the repair or remodel (reline) of old dentures to provide better fit, comfort and improved quality of life. John believes quality is the key factor in achieving positive outcomes for patients.

“People use dentures in everyday life, so it has to be reliable and comfortable. Because of this, quality materials, skill and service are our key ingredients. There is no way around it. I believe that dentures are more than just a device. It is a crucial part of a persons’ aesthetics, their speech, and day-to-day activities. They help people to eat, speak and most importantly, smile. I have great satisfaction in seeing my patient’s smile after the treatment, restoring their smile means restoring their confidence, self-esteem and ultimately, their quality of life”. - John Choi 2014

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