Claire Feasey, Wholesome Healing - Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 10am-3pm

Claire offers Shiatsu and Hot Rock massage: 

Shiatsu massage - Shiatsu is a beautiful, effective massage modality that is practiced on the floor on a traditional Japanese futon, fully clothed. Shiatsu means 'finger pressure' and uses a combination of pressure on acupressure points and gentle stretches to relieve tension or stress, and restore and support weak areas in the body. It has a divinely, deeply relaxing effect and for those of you who enjoy a deeper form of massage, Shiatsu will be good for you. Shiatsu is based on the same system as acupuncture and uses palpation to diagnose energy in the body which gives guidelines as to where to treat blockages or weakness on meridian lines running throughout the body. This seeks to have the effect of restoring the flow of energy, balancing the body, and treating all ailments presented quickly and effectively. 

1 hr - $70

1.5 hrs - $90

Hot Rock massage - Hot Rock Massage is different from Shiatsu in that it is done on a massage table, with oil on skin. My technique draws on Swedish massage techniques using circular and long strokes, Shiatsu techniques (finge rpressure on acupressure points), and the use of warm river stones held in the palm during massage. This technique is very relaxing, warming and effective to help relieve stress, anxiety, muscle pain and tension, to help promote sleep and a multitude of other health benefits.

1 hr - $90

1.5 hrs - $120