Naturopathy / Herbalism

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Jen Packard - Otago Apothecary & Clinic

Naturopathy involves looking at the person as a whole and treating the cause of dis-ease, using gentle methods to bring the body back to vitality. On your first visit, a few health history is taken: this involves an in-depth look at diet, lifestyle, allergies, medical history, family medical history, medications and supplements.

A treatment plan is then formulated that will accommodate your lifestyle. This may include herbal therapeutics and dietary adjustments.

A full herbal pharmacy is avilable at cost. 


First consultation (90 minutes) - $75

Second consultation (30 minutes) - $30

Herbal tinctures (200mL) - $60

Available now at the GIWC

Jens Ointments

Plantain herbal ointment (Plantago lanceolata, olive oil, organic beeswax)

bruising, boils, infections, burns, bites, rashes, haemorrhoids

Calendula herbal ointment (Calendula officinalis, olive oil, organic beeswax)

inflammation, cuts, grazes, eczema, nappy rash, wounds

Chickweed herbal ointment (Stellaria media, olive oil, organic beeswax)

dry eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, itching, bites, dry skin conditions